MAHAGONI – St Laurence CD/DVD Regal

WATSONS Unisex - MAHAGONI - St Laurence CD/DVD Regal - Farbe: Mahagoni. Größe: 113h x 63b x 20t cm. Materialien: Spanplatte mit PVC-Folie. Cd und dvd turm mit 12 einfach zu versetzenden einlegeböden und fünf festen Borden, um 355 CDs oder 76 CDs und 160 DVDs oder eine Kombination daraus, PLUS praktischem Einschubsystem in der Mitte, unterzubringen. Kapazität bis zu: cd - 355 or dvd - 130

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SA HOAFR Fryer Ring for 12Lt Halogen Oven by SA

SK7 LTD - Designed for 12 litre halogen oven with a diameter of approx 12 halogen oven cooker is not included includes cheese & veg grater for all buyershalogen air-fry cooks fried food using little or no oil!;simply place between the glass body and the lid, dry golden crisp finish, and you can cook oven chips, fish and scampi straight from the freezer for a succulent, in half the time of a conventional oven!;Or why not make your own healthy oven chips using less than a spoonful of oil? Cook sausages and bacon so that all the unhealthy fats just drain away from your cooking!;This really is a breakthrough in healthy low fat cooking and will be a most valuable accessory to your Halogen Oven!;The item sits on top of the halogen oven between the base and the lid with the halogen oven heater Sa hoafr fryer ring for 12Lt Halogen Oven.

. Silver.

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Sony Pictures - You can buy from us with confidence. This product has passed our meticulous quality checks and is guaranteed to be in great condition. Sa hoafr fryer ring for 12Lt Halogen Oven. Silver.

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