Top 10 Adult Games English – Brettspiele

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1. Exploding Kittens


Poetry for Neanderthals by Exploding Kittens, Card Games for Adults Teens & Kids, Fun Family Games

Exploding Kittens #Anzeige - 220 cards, 1 sand timer, 1 inflatable NO! Stick, 2 point slates. A family-friendly competitive word-guessing game where you can only give clues by speaking in single syllables. 2+ players, ages 7+. Hilarious illustrations by Matthew Inman of the oatmeal. A word game where you must speak good or get hit with stick. A hilarious, cutthroat, challenging game for those who consider themselves mighty wordsmiths.
MarkeExploding Kittens #Anzeige
HerstellerExploding Kittens #Anzeige
Höhe13.31 cm (5.24 Zoll)
Länge9.25 cm (3.64 Zoll)
Gewicht0.01 kg (0.02 Pfund)
Breite20.29 cm (7.99 Zoll)

2. Asmodee


Original Edition by Exploding Kittens, A Russian Roulette Card Game, Card Games for Adults Teens & Kids, Fun Family Games

Asmodee #Anzeige - Ein familienfreundliches partyspiel für 2-­5 Spieler bis zu 9 Spieler in Verbindung mit einem zweiten Kartendeck. Asmodee. Es ist das am stärksten unterstützte Projekt in der bisherigen Geschichte von Kickstarter. Ekg-org1-1.
MarkeAsmodee #Anzeige
HerstellerExploding Kittens LLC #Anzeige
Höhe3.81 cm (1.5 Zoll)
Länge11.2 cm (4.41 Zoll)
Gewicht0.18 kg (0.4 Pfund)
Breite16.21 cm (6.38 Zoll)

3. Big Potato


Don't Get Got 2021 Edition: Award Winning Secret Missions Party Game for Adults and Family

Big Potato #Anzeige - Einfach zu erlernen, erwachsene und jugendliche. Lassen sie andere spieler gähnen, ohne gefangen zu werden, verstecken Sie eine Karte auf einem Spieler, bringen Sie einen Spieler zum Tanzen und mehr. Sie müssen nicht wie ein normales brettspiel herumsitzen, schnell zu spielen: Ein Partyspiel für Familien, Sie können dies den ganzen Tag überspielen.

Sechs geheime missionen – lassen sie sich nicht erfangen: in diesem partyspiel beginnt jeder Spieler mit sechs Missionen zu vervollständigen. Funktioniert am besten mit 2-10 Spielern. Bringen sie einen spieler zum moonwalk: Jede Mission erfordert Sie, um kreativ zu werden und einen der anderen Spieler zu tricken, ohne dass sie zu verdächtig werden.

Erst bis drei gewinnt: dieses partyspiel endet nicht, bis jemand drei Missionen abschließt, die jederzeit passieren könnten – also lassen Sie Ihre Wache nicht im Stich. Spielen sie jederzeit, während sie alles tun: Dies ist keine Art von Partyspiel, überall, Sie spielen es neben was Sie sonst tun.
MarkeBig Potato #Anzeige
HerstellerBig Potato #Anzeige
Höhe0.55 cm (0.22 Zoll)
Länge17 cm (6.69 Zoll)
Breite24 cm (9.45 Zoll)

4. Drinkopoly


Drinkopoly – The King of Drinking Games – Combined Board/Table Party Games for Adults and Students with 50 Expansion Cards with Tasks, English Manuals, A Drinking Game Gift Set

Drinkopoly #Anzeige - Caution: don't drink and drive. Drinkopoly is a game that uncovers the hilarious truth your playing buddies hide, undresses you or even makes you swap your underwear with a friend. Board game for adults, 6, a game for 4, or one of those hot drinking party games that keep everyone in the mood all night long. Buy this game and have crazy fun playing with friends.

Without drinkopoly no bachelor, colleagues or friends, bachelorette, for all ages, sisters, or student party is complete. A great gift idea for every family member for their birthday, a christmas present for brothers, a funny gift for a Russian vodka lover, and especially for students – they would love it. Can be played with any drink, soda, tea, so you can ride your pony safely. All that you need are shot glasses, drunk, and what you get are awkward moments full of laughter and happiness. Our mission is to become the king of party games for adults and the hottest game on the market, living room, kitchen, which makes every night in the college dorm, hotel, or around the campfire an experience you would want to remember.

An unforgettable experience – the blurriest game ever does not require a beer pong table, stoned or stupid friends to play, pleasant atmosphere, a game board, disturbed, a deck of playing cards with tasks, a dice, and you won't be committing any crime against the humanity by playing it; use frequently to prevent insanity. For 2–6 adult players this is the hottest known adult couples game, 8 grown-ups, gets you through the craziest tasks, where you get to know people, you can also compete in teams of two. If you are a teen, water, a bar game set.
MarkeDrinkopoly #Anzeige
HerstellerCrazy Dice #Anzeige
Höhe5 cm (1.97 Zoll)
Länge47 cm (18.5 Zoll)
Gewicht0 kg (0 Pfund)
Breite25 cm (9.84 Zoll)

5. What Do You Meme?


U.K. Ausgabe, What Do You Meme? Adult Party Game

What Do You Meme? #Anzeige - Gedruckt auf hochwertigem spielkarten dick mit glänzenden Oberfläche; umfasst in einem benutzerdefinierten Feld Regeln Staffelei und Bonus, mit Folie umwickelt. New uk edition. Achtung: nicht für Kinder bestimmt. Der neue erwachsene party-Spiel in aller Munde, die Ihnen durch die Fuckjerry Team. Messen sie sich mit Freunden und Familie die lustigsten Meme zu erstellen.
MarkeWhat Do You Meme? #Anzeige
HerstellerWHAT DO YOU MEME? #Anzeige
Höhe16.51 cm (6.5 Zoll)
Länge10.8 cm (4.25 Zoll)
Gewicht1.2 kg (2.65 Pfund)
Breite11.43 cm (4.5 Zoll)

6. The Unknown


Crime Scene Mystery Game for Adults and Families to Play at Home, Leathal Plan EN Version, Escape Room Game, The Unknown Crime Scene Case 1

The Unknown #Anzeige - The game combines real clues with the Internet and other media. Search case files, determine motives, check alibis and find The Unknown. You have access to a realistic investigator database. True crime - the case is based on a real criminal case. 1-6 players, 90-150 minutes playing time, recommended for ages 14 and up. Investigate a case with realistic evidence. English version. Crime escape room game for home.
MarkeThe Unknown #Anzeige
Hersteller4Brain Games #Anzeige
Höhe8 cm (3.15 Zoll)
Länge32 cm (12.6 Zoll)
Gewicht0.26 kg (0.57 Pfund)
Breite22.9 cm (9.02 Zoll)



English, GUTTER GAMES Beat That!, The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges Family Party Game for Kids & Adults

GUTTER GAMES #Anzeige - Easy to learn, guarantees hours of belly busting laughter! Suitable for ages 11+, HOURS OF FUN - Takes 2 minutes to learn, 2-8 players. World's wackiest party game - limber up and prepare to bounce, hop, roll, stack, flip, blow, balance and catapult your way to victory!.

Great for kids & adults alike - with a huge variety of funny, tricky and outrageous challenges to test your skills, this board game will have you hooked in seconds, no matter your age!. Fast & frantic fun - win points by betting on your ability to successfully complete a series of ridiculous dexterity-based challenges. 160 bonkers challenges - all players attempt the same challenges, so prepare to get competitive and tell your friends to "Beat That!".
MarkeGUTTER GAMES #Anzeige
HerstellerGutter Games #Anzeige
Höhe23.5 cm (9.25 Zoll)
Länge14.5 cm (5.71 Zoll)
Breite14.5 cm (5.71 Zoll)

8. Let's Get Drunk


Perfect Play for Game Night or Any Bachelor Party, Hilarious and Surprising Card Games for Men and Women with Cards, Let's Get Drunk Funny Drinking Games

Let's Get Drunk #Anzeige - Easy to learn and play :- the game is super simple with funny messages taken from real life; Each round each player draw a card, follow the rules ask questions and drink; You can play the game with any drink. Facilitates bonding and socialization :- this fun card game provides whimsical situations, plenty of conversation, and a great group dynamic, lots of laughter, whether you're making new friends or hanging out with family members.

The most entertaining party games ever :- Let's Get Drunk board games is a perfect and hilarious game for icebreakers and frat parties; these drinking cards will keep you thoroughly entertained. We donate the 5% of profits to a social cause.

Reduces stress and makes you laugh :- let’s get drunk Card games instantly reduce stress; these cards make for a fun and humid game night with friends and family. Value pack and the ultimate gift for parties :- Drinking card games single pack contains 88 cards; these drinking cards are some of the best games to give as a gift, taking boring evenings to an exciting new level.
MarkeLet's Get Drunk #Anzeige
HerstellerLet's Get Drunk #Anzeige

9. Glop


Games for Adults, Board Game- Board Games for Adults, Card Games, Family Games, Family Board Games for Adults and Kids Ages 8 and Up, Party Games for 2 to 6 Teams, Glop Charades

Glop #Anzeige - We recommend playing with between 2 and 6 teams, an hourglass, board game for children ages 10 and up. Charades game | the all-time favourite adult game for family and friends which improves communication, increases patience and is guaranteed to get a laugh.

It’s never been this fun before and it now comes with an element of strategy everyone will enjoy! Board games | glop charades takes the traditional game of charades a step further. The first team to do so win and will be the GURUS of CHARADES! It keeps all players involved at all times, encouraging interaction and pushing the adrenaline rush and the excitement of winning to the max. Great for players of all ages GLOP CHARADES is perfect for family game nights, etc.

Easy to learn + combines entertainment and strategy | the party game comes with 250 cards from 5 different categories, and a die. To break the ice or while on holiday. Fun for everyone | children, fun at home, christmas get-togethers, birthday parties, teenagers and adults. The gurus of charades | the objective of the most entertaining board game for adults is to get a card from each category.
MarkeGlop #Anzeige
HerstellerGlop 2013, SL #Anzeige
Höhe16 cm (6.3 Zoll)
Länge23 cm (9.06 Zoll)
Breite4 cm (1.57 Zoll)

10. Hasbro


Tabu, Würfelspiel Englische Version, Hasbro Gaming

Hasbro #Anzeige - Alter 12 +. Fünf spannende wege zu spielen: verdoppeln Sie Ihr erraten, Zeit, wählen Sie Ihre rater, und mehr. Spiel für Erwachsene. Das spiel der unbeschreiblich Spaß. Das deck mit mehr als 1. 000 aktualisiert Worte zu erraten.
MarkeHasbro #Anzeige
HerstellerHasbro #Anzeige
Höhe26.7 cm (10.51 Zoll)
Länge5 cm (1.97 Zoll)
Gewicht0.43 kg (0.95 Pfund)
Breite19.99 cm (7.87 Zoll)